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Pathology Management System

The healthcare sector has witnessed a high intake of IT solutions. At Skytopper, we understand how important compliance and real time information is to the healthcare industry and therefore help small scale as well as mid sized companies in the domain to integrate their various processes through IT and also enable greater transparency within systems. From CRM needs to patient centric technology implementation, we develop high flexible and customised solutions for the healthcare sector. We also help small pharmacies use simple IT tools in their everyday business.

What is the use of Pathology Management Software?

Pathology Management Software (Pathology-MS) is developed with the objective to efficiently manage patient’s medical tests and examination reports, commercial records and management activities of a pathology department. It has been developed on latest platform while considering the user’s feasibility and data availability with easy accessibility. Pathology-MS is suitable for all type of pathology labs and diagnostic centers operating separately or within the hospitals to deliver accurate test and examination

How Does Pathology-MS helps in Pathology Management?

Pathology-MS will record and disseminate the information of tests and examinations recommended by the doctors to patients during their treatment and care process. The Pathology-MS module works and supports all types of tests reporting under the industry disciplines like Hematology, Serology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Neurology and Radiology etc. with facility to generate various types of reports as per the industry practice and customized needs. It facilitates Pathology labs to do Registration for Tests, Sample collection, Test results feeding, Test Report printing, Receipts, Billing, etc. It ensures the accuracy of test results with doctor’s interpretation helping to take quick decision to provide right treatments timely.

Key Features:

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